Talking Around the Table with Mark: featuring Lynne Hinz!

This was a fun conversation. Lynne has been there for most of it.

Check out what she offers the community here:

Also, here’s the menu for Tuesday’s Community Dinner:

Fried Mushroom Rice
Creamy Cabbage
Garden Salad w/Super Green Ginger Turmeric Dressing
Roasted Veg
Melon Tart with Baked Banana & Pear Crust

Spread the word. Everywhere.

It’s cold.
Every Tuesday and Thursday we have a warm place, public restrooms, nourishment, and community.
If you or anyone you are in community with needs a place, well, we have a place. We have information about other resources. We have neighbors knowledgeable about what is available beyond our capacity in this space. This is not charity, this is solidarity. Do not think, “Well, I don’t need help.” You may be the conversation that someone else needs. You may not know that you needed to see a caste-less gathering of neighbors. If you don’t want to receive, then contribute in reciprocity. Grab some nourishment and pitch in a couple bucks.
Zion Community Commons, 1697 Lafond Ave. STP, MN 55104.
It can be frightening to face the reality of our failure, but hope can only exist when we encourage and promote honesty in our examination of our actions and our reality.
There is a historical precedent of “white infallibility” in America. A belief that this, a predominantly white country, is successful and perfect. That we are so secure and successful that we can be the white savior to the world.
This harmful and racist precedent has largely ignored the disparities and discontent in our own communities for decades. Ignored reality to the detriment of how impactful any kindness and support extended beyond our borders could truly be.
Community-led, localized, direct actions of solidarity and equitable redistribution of resources is our future.
The Twin Cities has an incredible amount of small, neighborhood-level endeavors and resources and opportunities to create more secure, equitable, and sustainable foundations of neighborhood wellbeing. Foundations upon which we can better aid others, and by focusing our efforts toward, we can defund many of the actions and perceptions that perpetuate the violence and harms of American Imperialism abroad.

“The will to sacrifice on behalf of another, always present when there is love, is annihilated by greed.
No doubt this explains our nation’s willingness to deprive poor citizens of government-funded social services while huge sums of money fuel the ever-growing culture of violent imperialism.” bell hooks


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