Talking Around the Table with Mark! Featuring John Marboe.

Maximizing the potential of what already is available. That’s the move.

The potential in the community: On Tuesday, from 5-7pm, bring in any clothing that you need stitched up, and our friend Bronwyn will be there with the sewing machine humming, and materials and guidance available if you want to stitch something up yourself! This is our first foray into this expansion of the direct, mutual actions and solidarity being offered at the Community Dinner. So, first come, first served. If you are proficient with a sewing machine, and would like to offer your services to your neighbors anytime on Tuesdays from 11am-8pm, let us know! Repairing clothing is an incredible act of sustainability and reducing consumption. Start wearing and recognizing and repping those sewn jeans as a “flex”, and not as a mark of disparity.

Monday, from 11am-?: “Chef Share”! A community potluck of culinary creativity for and by the community! Another foray into optimizing the resources available to serve the community. Since we are already in the Zion Community Commons on Monday to prep Tuesday’s Community Dinner, why not offer up the dining area, too? There are crockpots, steam trays, and more available. Bring a dish to share with everyone. Stay for a minute, or stay a little longer. Volunteers needed to bring food, do dishes, get the coffee and tea station set up, bring your favorite coffee (already ground) or bagged tea to introduce to others.

Again, this is our first foray into this expansion. We have big ideas for it, but we will see where the community takes it by just starting it up.

The kitchen will not be available for prep, so, make your dishes at home. Serving utensils, plates, napkins, and more are available. Bring your own take-out containers if you want to grab something to go.

We hope that this becomes a community-led directive. We hope other restaurant professionals begin bringing any food that may otherwise go to waste to this event. (A lot of restaurants are closed on Monday and Tuesday, so this becomes a space for introducing a restaurant to others, reducing food waste, and engaging with the community about the establishments someone may work at.)

Next up, we have bus passes in hand. We will be getting snack bags of chips, single serve shelf stable juice bottles, some sunflower butter, jam, and there is bread from Baker’s Field on hand, and pears and apples leftover from last night’s Open Market. So, possibly this afternoon I will be at Zion making some sack lunches to take on to the light rail to begin doing some direct outreach in a public space to our neighbors facing housing insecurity.

There are a lot of ways to assist with this action. If you want to donate sunflower butter, jam, single-serve shelf-stable juices, snack packs of chips, or any of the medical supplies listed below, that would be much appreciated.

Again, we are just beginning this expansion of our direct actions in the community. This came about from the outreach services of a member of the community as they did wound care in some of the larger encampments around the Twin Cities, and our own experiences on Metro Transit.

We have the space at the Zion Community Commons to store shelf-stable food goods and medical supplies. We have connections within the community to redistribute wealth towards purchasing discounted transit fares. We have an underutilized kitchen to prep sandwiches. We have great friends at Brake Bread, Baker’s Field, and Co-op Partners Warehouse who are glad to expand the solidarity of their partnership.

Have questions? Stop by the Chef Share on Monday or the Community Dinner on Tuesday and raise your hand.

Lastly, the latest episode of “Talking Around the Table with Mark” is here! If you don’t know Patron John Marboe, you will after listening to this conversation.

Thank you all! I know it’s a bit unnerving, this weather, but enjoy it as best you can, and be grateful that it is saving us all the carbon footprint and cost of heating the residences we are all privileged to be stewarding for the generations to come.



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