New Podcast, Wed. 11/22/23, and neighborhood engagement!

First off, we have room for 20-25 more preorders for Wednesday’s Day Before Thanksgiving Open Market.

Here are all the preordering details again:

The 7th Annual Day Before Thanksgiving Community Dinner!
(Please get those preorders in by Friday, Nov. 17th!)
(Please read this full post for all the details.)
“Pay what you want/can” vegan, gf, nut free, and corn free!
1/2 of all contributions benefit the Zion Community Commons Food Justice Initiatives!
Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, 11am-8pm. Zion Community Commons, 1697 Lafond Ave. STP, MN 55104
Dine in or take out.
Take out meals will be packaged in an oven ready aluminum container making it super easy to reheat on Thanksgiving.
Bringing your own containers is always appreciated!
Send your preorders to
Include the following information:
1. How many meals you are looking to get.
2. A good time for pick up. Please, please, PLEASE preorder, even if you are not paying through an invoice or contributing at all. (We have a capacity of how many meals we can serve in 15 minute increments, so pick up times are filled in the order we receive the preorder emails.)
3. Any contribution for your meals can be made with a card payment through an invoice ahead of time, or with a cash contribution the day of the dinner. If contributing with a card, let us know how much to invoice you for.
4. There will also be an All Vegan Open Market that day! This community has gathered $2457.36 through the Venmo campaign to stock that Open Market.
If you would like to help increase the amount of nourishment offered to the community through the Open Market, send an Act of Solidarity through Venmo: @Chef-Collective-1123

Also, about that pop up All Vegan Open Market happening on Wednesday…

With the $2457.36 gathered to stock the Day Before Thanksgiving All Vegan Open Market, we have passed $21,000 gathered through the Venmo campaigns since 11/09/22.
This Wednesday will be our 7th Venmo-funded Open Market. It’s also the 7th Annual Day Before Thanksgiving Community Dinner.
That includes $2500 in @blackgarnetbooks gift cards & 100s of meals distributed with no compensation asked.
Over 3 tons of produce, groceries, and pantry staples.

And this is all beyond the Patreon-funded Open Markets.

We will be sharing some Instagram posts tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We are 585 $7.77 Acts of Solidarity through the Venmo away from our $7000 funding goal for this Open Market. 7th pop up Open Market. 7th Day Before Thanksgiving Community Dinner. $7000. 777 on $7.77 Thursday!! Spread the word!

John is way into the Angel Numbers, so in Angel numerology the Angel number 777 represents luck, spirituality, intuition, and divine protection, with a strong connection to the spiritual realm.

Lastly, patron Mark and I sat down for a rather positive and enjoyable conversation about all this stuff!

We talk some cooking techniques, and how the perspectives, philosophies, and actions we model with all of this are meant to extend far beyond our dinner tables, and we also just kinda gossip into the mic. Ya, know, like tough guys, like Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and such.

All that playing with fire and sharp knives, that’s women’s work, right? So, it’s fun to tap into my primal, masculine side occasionally, and just gossip into a microphone with the fellas.

Anyways, John, Zachary, and I all connected this morning to discuss the meal on Wednesday. We will have a better idea about the menu by Friday night, and that will be posted here first. We have learned a lot about doing these meals, and we are all really excited for what will be a 6-course meal.

Also, Zachary is responsible for the dessert this year. That was always the most stressful part of these for me the last 6 years. Ya know, Thanksgiving dessert! All the pressure. Gah!

Anyways, there it is, listen to the podcast, share your thoughts, and Mark and I will be recording more podcasts and we would love to converse with more of you! Reach out if you want to gossip into a mic with us.

Thank you!



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