Community Voices- Jasmine McBride

“What a time to be alive. How beautiful it is that out of all moments of existence, we are here, joined over this Patreon page–in the stance of disrupting capitalistic harm and honoring food as a birth right of all. It is incredible.

As a mom to a one year old, it is important to me to be mindful of the environments I expose us both to. Environment is key within the way our growth is fostered. And spaces like the community dinners and open markets, where joy and community is fostered, is good nourishment.

Finding this community, for me, was a symbol of affirmation that ‘goodness’ is always close by. A truth I hold close to me, as our society swims in suffering. I stumbled around Eureka Compass Vegan Food’s page during the uprising, at a time I was being impacted by the declining access to grocery stores. As markets began to reopen, what kept me involved were the great people behind this movement, which has now blossomed into a radical solution that our systems intentionally overlook. It is also just down right difficult to not want to stay involved in a space that shares wealth with its community, no matter what a person looks like or does.. I stay connected because this space just feels good. And it challenges the narratives about what we deserve within this human experience, which looks different than what our society often normalizes.

If you are here, you are an element of this good work. The redefining of what our world can look like, and making it happen. Our applaudable efforts are making history here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. And I can’t wait until these efforts create waves nationally, and then internationally, because it will happen.

As I said in the beginning, what a time to be alive.”

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