What’s that? Oh yeah, COMMUNITY!!!


A few things:

It’s my 44th birthday. Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of standing beside you in these actions of solidarity and community.

Send $1.44 through the Venmo: @Chef-Collective-1123 if you are so desiring to mark the day in some way.

Second, the next Community Dinner is on the 25th. It will benefit Karuna Communities MN, it will be from 4:30-8:30pm at Hamline Church (1514 Englewood Ave. 55104). I hope you all can join us.
Karuna Communities and Patron Mike Millios have been incredibly supportive of our actions, and it is only right and reciprocal that we give that which we have received: Community!!


Lastly, Zachary made this great video at the last Open Market on the first Thursday of this month. As Patron John Marboe says, “I just watched this all the way through. I am deeply moved. With such gratitude. I want to share this with everyone, yet I also know that the meaning and feeling cannot be conveyed without the experience of actual relationship with everyone involved. So beautiful, and silly, funny, hearty, kind, gracious, meaningful, earthy. We sow seeds. They grow accordingly…”

There ya go.

See you all on Tuesday!


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