Community Voices!!

From Patron Lynne:

”I am posting this to basically fess up.

I have been taking advantage of the good will of Colin and all the work he does, his giving spirit to purchase (with Patreon donations) all of the groceries for the monthly Open Market.

I am a member of the Patreon and give $6 a month and then I went to the Open Market this evening and took home 2 full bags of groceries and ate a Vegan meal prepared by Colin himself.

What is my problem? I was saying to myself as I was driving home. I could be giving more!! I SHOULD be giving more. Geez, I go to Target, Fresh Thyme, the Coop and have no problem walking away with $90 worth of groceries and then have the audacity to partake tonight for $6 a month? I am apologizing and changing my monthly contribution. When I look at the list, “Shop Mom Lunch Buddies” is $11 and even has my photo (yes I am Shop MoM) but I need to go better than this. I am changing my contribution and selecting “The Prevailors!! We Prevail!!!’ at $30 a month. I take home about this much, if not a bit more. I want to contribute toward what I take home. This, in my head, is fair and honest.

I challenge other Patreon participants to re-think their monthly donation and give accordingly. I love you Colin and Appreciate you.“

This is not charity, it’s SOLIDARITY!!!

Communities can work together, in direct action, harnessing the strength of numbers to create more secure, equitable, and sustainable local networks of commerce for providing the essential resources of healthful nourishment to themselves and their neighbors.

You can all go see Lynne this weekend on Saturday up in Columbia Heights for “Art in the Park” at Kodiak Park,


On Sunday at the Linden Hills Farmers Market.

You can for sure see her at any Open Market and Community Meal, gathered with other patrons, catching up, connecting, and adding their voices in symphony together!

Lynne, thank you so much for this post, your solidarity, and your continued encouragement and the life you model.

-Colin, John, & Zachary


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