It’s all about the community & the solidarity.

So, I want share a bit of “inside baseball” with all of you.

In this work I get to share some incredible moments with really awesome people. Yesterday I got to cut it up with Farmer Jake from Feed Me Farms outside of Zion Lutheran Church as he dropped off some absolutely beautiful produce. Jake is not only one of the vital, local soil stewards we are working to sustain, he’s also a member of this Patron community. There are a few folks at Feed Me Farms who are Patrons.

That’s mutual aid. That’s solidarity.

In our conversation I mentioned to Jake how incredible it was to reach the 100 member milestone this last weekend. Here’s some analytics for you: Average monthly contribution is over $7/month & 41 new members were added in August.

What is most exciting about that, is with each new monthly sustaining patron, a whole new network and community becomes 1 person away from joining this community in solidarity of mission.

Jake responded that it was going to be his goal to get 1 more person to join him as a patron this week. Can we all make that our goal?

The biggest goal of this project is the modeling of community solidarity. From that, the funding will come. We are over 1/8th of them way to our funding goal of $4,000/month, but just at 1/20th of our Patron goal of 2000 monthly sustaining patrons.

Attached are some recent invoices. Over $1500 to Co-op Partners Warehouse last week. Another $2000 for the order getting delivered tomorrow morning. $300 going to Feed Me Farms this week.
You can see all of the local producers we are supporting through CPW: Coconut Whisk, Featherstone Farm, Ommie Snacks, La Perla, Hoyo, K-Mama, All Clean, Good Life, and many more.

Your monthly patronage is being directly funneled right back to help secure & grow our local food system and help to create a more secure, equitable, and sustainable local network & economy for providing the essential resources of nourishment to all in our communities. The joy and sense of purpose in this work is immense. The feeling of community and interconnectedness I feel in sharing this with all 103 of you is truly inspiring. Let us not hoard this feeling, but invite others to share it with us.

Let us all demonstrate to the world what community led mutual aid actions, prioritizing the creation of a solid foundation of communal wellbeing and security can achieve.

Can we double this community by Saturday? I know we can!

Thank you!


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