Rally around our friend.


Go get empanadas from John tonight.

Purchase tickets for our event on Friday.

If you can’t attend, gift the tickets to someone. We obviously will be distributing the funds from Friday appropriately to get John up & running again as soon as possible!

John is on Venmo at John-Stockman-3.

If you are on Instagram, go to XmarX and share the post about John’s predicament.

Model solidarity.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement as we secure our air mask first this week.

Colin will be at Zion Lutheran Church tomorrow (Thursday) for the All Vegan Open Market & Community Meal, and would love to see everyone there, converse about these efforts, and answer any questions about how best to support us as individuals and as a whole community at this time.

Mostly, please, let‘s lift up John today!

Thank you!


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