Wanted a Vegan Food Shelf & more Community Dinners, so we are creating a Vegan Food Shelf and doing more Community Dinners. (You can just do stuff, ya know?)


Colin just up and offered a Vegan Food Shelf. Doing it again on Thursday, July 14th.

We all hope to see this get the support and solidarity of the community to be a weekly event.

It will be at Zion Lutheran Church in coordination with their Food Ministry, Arts & Lafond, and The Twin Cities Vegan Chef Collective.

We are prepared to self fund this next Vegan Food Shelf. Purchasing fresh produce from our cherished local soil stewards, purchase pantry staples from our friends at Coop Partners Warehouse, and supplement with items purchased at retail locations & donated.

We will offer recipes that incorporate the items & ingredients offered. We will offer a nourishing meal. There will be art, fellowship, and information on resources available to those needing assistance beyond food security.

We want this to be a resource that nourishes the mind, body, intellect, and spirit.

We want this to be a demonstration of the power of communal solidarity. 1000, 2000, 10,000 individuals contributing $2-5/ month to help secure that all our neighbors have access to the basic necessities of existence.

We thank all of you who are currently supporting this every month. There is a lot more to say, show, and experience with this endeavor. We ask that you spread the word. We ask that you join us at Zion Lutheran Church on the 8th, the 12th, and the 14th to see what you are helping to create.

There is no gesture too small. The power is in solidarity & community; each an every individual contributing, receiving, and belonging.
Thank you for the incredible privilege it is to stand in solidarity of purpose & mission amongst all of you.

We wouldn‘t want to be anywhere else, doing anything else, with anyone else than what we are doing here.

Nourishment, knowledge, dignity, respect, and the support & fellowship of community can be offered to all. We can do this. We can create a more secure, equitable, and sustainable localized network & economy for providing the basic necessities of existence to our neighbors.

We can do this.

We must do this.

Thank you.


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