Mission in Action


Hello all!

Colin biked over to the Linden Hills Farmers Market today and bought all the surplus from Feed Me Farms.

That was $225 worth of produce that Colin & Zachary will prep up and use for the Community Dinner on the 25th benefiting Seeds Worth Sowing. This Community Dinner is at Hamline Church United Methodist (1514 Englewood Av. 55104), from 11a-7p that day.

A hot one today, but he stayed hydrated and had a great conversation with Farmer Tanner from the Feed Me Farms team. Colin also had a lot of room on the cargo bike, and their were plenty of other local soil stewards with surplus that could have been purchased.

These efforts are not independently solvent. Hopefully Colin and Zachary will see a lot of you at the Community Dinner on the 25th. Hopefully a lot of you are spreading the word about the Community Dinners and inviting your friends, family, neighbors, and networks to join you in supporting this mission to provide greater food security to our communities. The USA is approaching a period of devastating food insecurity. There are efforts, actions, and innovations in perspective, behavior, & habit that all of us can take to make sure that our communities are fed, and that how we nourish our existences do not threaten our ability to exist.

Imagine if there were 1000 Patrons in this community. Imagine all of the financially accessible nourishment we could offer, the local producers we could support, and the food security we could create.

There are 26 of you at this time, standing in solidarity with us, our partner farms, and the communities we serve, and all of us in The Collective are honored at the privilege to stand with you!


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